SQL (Structured Query Language) -Hands-on Practical Training using Oracle 11g

It is often said that mathematics is the language of science. In just the same way, SQL is a language of database, it is used in database creation, deletion, fetching rows , storing, manipulating and retrieving data stored in relational database etc. SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard but there are many dialects of the SQL language MS SQL Server using T-SQL, Oracle using PL/SQL,MS Access version of SQL is called JET SQL (native format) etc.

In this course our focus will be on oracle PL/SQL version 10, 11 and above. Also our sample practice database will be data from telecom e.g  IN CDR’s , roaming, Switch CDR’s , vouchers interconnect etc

This course introduces participants to the fundamentals of SQL, using Oracle Database 11g  and above database technology. In this training participants will learn the concepts of relational databases and the powerful SQL programming language. They will learn the essential SQL skills that allow them to write queries against single and multiple tables, manipulate data in tables, and create database objects.

They will also learn to use single row functions to customize output, use conversion functions and conditional expressions and use group functions to report aggregated data.

Practical demonstrations and hands-on practice will help them to reinforce the fundamental concepts. In summary participants will gain full understanding of the following:

  • Retrieve row and column data from tables with the SELECT statement
  • Create reports of sorted and restricted data
  • Employ SQL functions to generate and retrieve customized data
  • Display data from multiple tables using the ANSI SQL 99 JOIN syntax
  • Create reports of aggregated data
  • Use the SET operators to create subsets of data
  • Run data manipulation statements (DML) to update data in the Oracle Database 11g
  • Run data definition language (DDL) statements to create and manage schema objects

In this course, participants will  use Oracle SQL Developer /Toad/ SQL navigators as the main hands on practical tools, we will provide a learner edition to be installed in each participant computer for practice only.

It is expected that at the end of the training participants will be better equipped to write query of any kind either for reporting, dashboard creation, analysis of any type and reconciliations involving multiple tables and databases.

Duration Duration Location
 23rd – 27th February 2015 5 Days Canton Concourse Building, 12 Landbridge Avenue, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria