IT Essentials for Non- IT Executives

Today’s business environment is characterized by volatile markets, global competition, shortened product life cycles, higher performance standards, and customer pressure for tailored offerings. Business professionals increasingly depend on IT to develop a competitive edge in both domestic and global marketplaces. Many business models are based entirely on information management. Organizations are focusing efforts on improving IT structural design, consolidating data repositories, connecting with customers, automating the supply chain, and deploying applications that enable business services.

The goal of this course is to help organizations build management team where people from various backgrounds and areas of expertise can work together efficiently and productively by understanding and appreciating each other’s contribution to the overall success of the organization. The program is not meant to make an IT specialist out of every manager, but to make every manager confident in resolving IT issues and working with IT staff to make better decisions and to deliver better process change. Ultimately, this program is about ways to design work processes that propel the company toward future success.

This course emphasizes IT’s role in business transformation, emerging technologies, and technology management and operation. The focus is on the use of IT to automate, augment, and enhance business processes. The modules cover the basic elements of IT, as well as how companies use IT and are shaped by it. After completing the course, you should feel more comfortable with the vocabulary of IT and more confident in your ability to communicate effectively about IT in a business setting.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand at a managerial level infrastructure, applications, and data
  • Understand how information systems support business models
  • Differentiate between integrated and disparate architecture
  • Analyze the operational consequences of IT
  • Understand the alternative approaches for developing or acquiring information technology
  • Assimilate contemporary IT concepts critical to success in today’s global market
Date Duration Location
 27th – 29th January 2014 3 Days Canton Concourse Building, 12 Landbridge Avenue, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria