Rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT) has enabled governments to deliver public services more efficiently in the past decade. However, a lack of skilled human resources in planning, design, implementation and management has proven to be a serious impediment to the progress of e-Government services.

Over the past two decades, the objectives of the public sector investment into information technology and e-government have evolved from increasing the quality and efficiency of internal government operations, through delivering better public services and making them available across traditional and electronic channels, to facilitating administrative and institutional reform, engaging citizens in policy- and decision-making processes, and (more recently) directly supporting policy and development goals within and across the health, education, economy, security and other sectors.

E-Government, the use of Internet-based technologies to interact with citizens and businesses, is proving to be a cost-effective way for government agencies to streamline their services while making them more accessible to constituents. However, integrating a strategic e-government plan requires an understanding of concepts and careful planning. This e-Government training offers you the opportunity to learn technology concepts as they apply specifically to public management and administration.

This training will address issues around the Planning, Designing, Implementing, and Managing e-Government projects. Participants will learn good practices on developing e-Government strategies. They will also strengthen their understanding of the technologies currently available for building e-Government applications and e-Services.

As e-Government is a capital intensive investment, the development of appropriate strategies is critical, it is hope that the training will enable the participants to discuss and evaluate their strategies with peers and to strengthen their individual e-Government implementation.”

The workshop consists of modules that address the issues of e-Government strategic planning and design; needs and capacity assessments; implementation; and management. Discussions will also focus on realistic appraisals of public-private partnerships opportunities and international and regional cooperation.

Days Duration Location
 10th – 12th March 2015 3 Days Canton Concourse Building, 12 Landbridge Avenue, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria