Big Data

Big Data Training provides the knowledge to understand, analyze, manage and use new Big Data. Big Data tools are introduced. Participants will learn how to store information for efficient processing and analysis when it comes to informed and intelligent business decision-making.

Learn the procedures and methods to identify, store, manage, process and analyze massive amounts of unstructured data, picking the right data is even more important. Learn how to define target or goal and subsequently establishing disciplined parameters and key indicators for the data you want to collect or process.

Big data is the next frontier optimizing innovation, competition, performance and productivity. Big data training focuses on the building blocks defining and managing large complex datasets, that are difficult to capture, store, manage,  and analyze.

Learn about infrastructure administration, management, development, maintenance and analysis. Understand the elements of storage, cloud computing, Apache Hadoop, and business intelligence to gain skills to benefit from big data. Big data in many sectors today will range from a few dozen terabytes to multiple petabytes (thousands of terabytes).

Learn about the basics of Big Data and its application, Big Science, Science and research, Government, Private Sector, Health Care, Retail and Mobile.