Digital Marketing Trainings-Overview

Search Marketing Masterclass

You’ll get an overview of Google’s lengthy list of changes—everything from algorithms to graph search—and how your business can make the most from them. You’ll learn how to master Google Analytics, for real. Even how to use video and visual content to pull in traffic. You’ll learn to use search to get the results you want. As a marketer, getting found in the clutter of the 15+ billion sites on the web is one of the biggest hurdles you struggle to overcome. How can you make your company stand out in the crowd? This course will teach you principle and best practices on SEO, PPC etc,

Social Media Marketing Masterclass

You’ll learn to integrate social media with other key areas of business, such as PR, customer service, and advertising, using the most effective techniques from today’s top social media experts. Designed for marketers who are seeking more from their social media efforts, Attendees will be able to evaluate their current approach to social media, reputation management and online PR. The workshop comprises a mixture of trainer led presentation, practical techniques on laptops as a group and individual exercises and discussion.

Email Marketing Master Course

There’s no question that email is still the single most effective tool for reaching customers and prospects. Email Marketing Master Course will have you creating subject lines that beg to be opened, writing powerful copy that converts, and growing your house list after just the first few minutes. This course will help you to develop your email marketing campaigns, using appropriate behavioral targeting, integrating email with your offline activities. You will leave the day with a sharpened email strategy having reviewed the effectiveness of your email communications.

Marketing Measurement & Analytics

This course focuses on how to analyze and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of digital marketing. Measurement and metrics enable marketing professionals to justify budgets based on returns, and to drive organizational growth and innovation. It’s pretty easy to identify Facebook Likes, webpage visitors, and time on site, but can you put a dollar value on every click a piece of online content receives? Do you know what the middle of your funnel is worth? Can you definitively state what your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) is for your social media efforts?

Digital Content Strategy and Marketing Writing

These days, you probably write more than you talk. Between blogs and business presentations, emails and ebooks, content and calls to action, you’re a “marketing writer,” whether or not it’s on your business card. Also, Content strategy is on everyone’s radar; as old digital platforms mature and many more emerge, content has finally found its place as a key differentiator for e-commerce and digital brand-building activities. This course will guide you through a bespoke seven step process for developing a content strategy and generating the content types, guidelines and editorial plans to support it