Social Listening

They say the Internet is the world’s largest focus group. We happen to agree. Social listening, coupled with our own Search Informed Research, allows us to tap into what the digital world is thinking. This gives a better understanding of cultural trends, the competitive landscape and how consumers perceive your brand. With ongoing listening, we observe real-time changes in these key areas to quickly identify challenges and uncover new opportunities.

Brand & Competitive Analysis

Our brand monitoring framework helps marketers effortlessly bridge the gap from insight to action, revealing useful information like brand health, competitor activity and growth opportunities. Brand monitoring reveals online consumer perception against a map of your unique brand attributes. This not only tells you where your brand is, but where your brand should go.

Tribe Analysis

Datahouse Tribe analysis let’s you know who’s talking about your brand. Going beyond demographic profiling, we analyze the consumer’s digital footprint to uncover specific passion points that drive behavior. This unique way of segmenting social audiences has implications for media targeting, as well as content and community strategy.

Consumer Journey Mapping

Datahouse  Consumer Journey analysis illuminates the consumer’s path from awareness to purchase. It gives a comprehensive, yet simple, map of this journey, delivering both online and offline insights, seen from our uniquely digital perspective. By revealing mindset, motivations and touch points, the Consumer Journey can inform messaging strategies, digital architectures, content creation and much more.