Digital Agency and Consulting

It’s hard to ignore the growing importance of having a digital presence with statistics showing adults spend more time online than they do watching TV. If you are like most brands, you have a website, participate in social media, blog, and run display ads. Each of these might be managed by a different persons within your organisation. However, it may be time to consider having a Digital Marketing Agency like us for Better communication, deeper understanding of your industry, cost reduction,consistent branding and direction and better results. The summary our services includes:

  • Social Media Promotions
    The social explosion has opened up new ways to build your audience—and your influence. Build your fan base, your followers and your reach through creative contests and special promotions designed to stir your audience to action.
  • Social Media Planning
    Today it’s the conversation that makes the brand. We create the roadmap for your social strategy. Meet your customers where they hang out and find out what they love, what they do, what gets them excited. We turn ‘likes’ into love.
  • Search Optimization
    Modern SEO is all about best web practices. Search engines like websites that are well structured and people friendly. Good SEO strategies all include the Big Three: Great Content. Solid Coding. Strong Linking. Coordinate these with social media and compelling web design and you get Big Picture SEO
  • Paid Search Campaigns
    We craft the messages that bring the clicks. Create powerful landing pages designed to convert to contacts. We find keyword niches and strategies that yield the best quality contacts. Cut the wasted clicks and streamline your campaign for the best possible value for your marketing dollar.
  • Reporting and Analytics
    We crave hard data and know you do too. Goal-based metrics talk to your needs and desired outcomes. We identify trends and opportunities through the most current analytic programs. Measure campaigns that speak directly to your key performance indicators.