Independence and Objectivity

Our clients depend on us to provide actionable insight that is not only authoritative and forward-thinking, but trustworthy and impartial as well. Working with Datahouse Consulting before making major technology decisions can be the difference between success and failure. Our objective  insight gives clients absolute assurance that we work with their best interests in mind and enable them to make successful business decisions with confidence.

Datahouse Consulting develop their viewpoints without influence, stating the facts as they see them. To ensure analytical independence, accuracy and integrity, Datahouse Consulting maintains a Code of Conduct that describe our core values and the boundaries that consultants are required to observe. Among the strict guidelines Datahouse Consulting upholds, cur consultants cannot own stock in companies or sectors they cover, and are not permitted to be board members of any company that is within Datahouse Consulting  research and advisory coverage.

At Datahouse, we take our independence very seriously. This means our analysts and consultants are unbiased, providing insight and advice you can trust.  While technology providers purchase Datahouse services to obtain knowledge and market insights, or purchase exhibit space at Datahouse conferences to reach highly qualified audiences, Datahouse maintains restrictions on the percent of revenue we can receive from any one provider. No other research or consulting firm can offer insight that is as accurate, impartial, objective and consistent.