Company Overview

Datahouse consulting is an independent IT and Business solutions provider with strong ability to drive sustainable  enterprise development through the application of IT to the business. Our IT services are drawn from our deep research-based understanding of your business, your technology, your markets, and your challenges.

We help major enterprises strategize, execute, and manage their most mission-critical technology-based initiatives, we help clients measure performance, optimize infrastructure, and create quantifiable business value. These we do through:

  • Engaging the business – we make sure that all stakeholders understand the benefits of the transformation programme and their role in delivering it – a vital foundation for successful change.
  • Designing and building solution – to increase support for the change, we give stakeholders a voice in the design of the new processes and supporting technology, and use trials and viral roll-outs to drive early benefit realisation.
  • Selecting and managing the suppliers – we make sure you get value for money from your suppliers while keeping them committed and engaged. We have no affiliation with major suppliers and our independence means we can act as a truly impartial adviser.
  • Designing and driving programme – as we plan, resource and drive programme delivery, we operate in mixed teams of clients, consultants and contractors, transferring skills and standing shoulder to shoulder with you to deliver the transformation.
  • Enabling delivery of the outcomes – rather than trying to impose change, we deliver tailored support for each area of the business, including the leadership team, to help them transition to new ways of working.
  • Training and Development  –  We design and offer exclusive courses that add immediate value to your operation